Robert Ayling, CEO/President/Co Founder

Rob-AylingRob Ayling co founded Mendell in 2011. Prior to starting Mendell, Mr. Ayling’s primary oil and gas experience was in the oil services sector. He was an Executive Chairman of Anterra Services, Inc., a California based oil and gas waste processor operating in Kern, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. Since 2012, he has served as founding investor and director of White Owl Energy Services, Inc., a Canadian oilfield waste processor operating in the Bakken field in North Dakota. For over 20 years, Mr. Ayling was an associate-turned-partner at a global legal firm practicing in the areas of corporate finance, M&A, and Venture Capital with a focus on the technology sector. In that capacity, Mr. Ayling served as the principal outside legal counsel to Pico, an associated predecessor investment company, undertaking many transactions over the years. Mr. Ayling served on the investment committee of his firm’s in -house venture capital investment fund before leaving in 2002 for the practice of law to found a medical device and ag-biotech focused venture capital firm in San Diego, California.

Since 2008, Mr. Ayling has actively managed an independent investment portfolio over a diverse range of industries—an Australian based manufacturer of products and components for the over- the- road transport industry, with manufacturing operations in Australia and China, an early stage biotech development company focused in the area of metabolic disease, and a Bakken oil services company.

Since leaving the practice of law, Mr. Ayling has developed strong investment, management and governance skills, serving on the board of directors of numerous businesses in addition to his current interests. His strengths are his management and leadership skills, his legal background, his analytical and financial problem solving, strategic planning, negotiating and communication skills and his broad understanding of the opportunities to create and grow value in the oil and gas sector.

Chris Guttormsson, VP Land and Development

Chris-GuttormssonChris is responsible for driving the development and evaluation of Mendell’s pipeline of business opportunities as well as managing the execution of day to day land, regulatory and business development activities.

Chris holds an MBA in Executive Management from Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business. He combines over 25 years of IT management, consulting and business ownership experience with his experience as a Landman in Colorado. Before joining Mendell he co-founded and served as the COO of a small E&P operator in Colorado. As an Independent Landman, Chris led leasing efforts for clients in the Wattenberg Field and other areas of Colorado.

Chris is based in Mendell’s Uptown Denver office.


Rande Gardiner, Chief Geologist

Rande-GardinerRande is responsible for Mendell’s “geology first” approach to its deal evaluation and drilling and completion activity. Rande started at Humble Oil/Exxon in 1970 in the Geologic Computer Applications group, after getting his BS at the University of Florida and going to graduate school at the University of Houston. He was the geologist in an exploration team in the Gulf Coast and was involved in several discoveries, including South Timbalier and East Saturday Island fields.

In 1977 Rande was hired by Monsanto to start Rocky Mountain exploration. Over the next twelve years he was involved in developing the Madden Unit in Wyoming, getting Husky Oil involved in a dozen discoveries back in the Gulf Coast and exploring Montana, Wyoming and Colorado, having many successes.

From 1990 until 1997 Rande worked for Santa Fe Energy in the Rockies, and among other things, evaluated the acquisition of the El Tordillo Field in Argentina, drilled a gas discovery in Aransas Bay, Texas, and added millions of barrels of heavy oil reserves at Midway Sunset Field by drilling the first horizontal development wells in the Potter Sand reservoir. After Texaco acquired Santa Fe, in California, Rande was responsible for the drilling of the first 76 wells to start the “steam fracking” development of the Monterey siliceous shale (diatomite).

In 2000 Rande retired from ChevronTexaco only to return as a consultant until 2009. Over that time, he was involved in the development of the Spellacy reservoir at Midway Sunset.

From 2009 until mid 2012 Rande was a wellsite geologist for BP and Statoil, providing wellsite supervision and evaluation on three development wells and an exploration discovery in the deep water” gulf on the Thunderhorse, Atlantis DD2 and Maersk Developer drill ships.

Since 2012, Rande has provided geologic “due diligence” and geology oversight for the drilling of Mendell ’s first producing wells in the Niobrara formation, in the DJ Basin, and evaluated the acquisition of the KC 320 and Brighton prospects in Adams County, Colorado and numerous other prospects on behalf of Mendell.

Rande has been involved in the drilling and completion of hundreds of wells over the years and his great experience is a critical factor in Mendell’s efforts to select the best prospects from its growing deal flow and then successfully optimize the drilling and completion of the wells on those projects.

Rande is based in Mendell’s Uptown Denver office.

Bill Davis, Senior Petroleum Engineer

Bill-DavisBill Davis is Mendell’s petroleum engineering and operations supervisor. Bill began his career as a field roustabout in Russell, Kansas in 1966 for Pan American Petroleum (now BP Amoco). He earned a BS in Geological Engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 1970 including eight hours of post graduate work. Upon graduation he was employed by Amoco as a petroleum engineer and worked for Amoco for three years. Initially he was the project engineer for a 20,000 BOPD field in Southern Oklahoma and later was an operations engineer for Amoco in the Anadarko and Arkoma Basins of Oklahoma.

In 1973 Monsanto hired Mr. Davis as a drilling and operations engineer for their Gulf of Mexico and North Sea drilling projects. From there he was later reassigned as the District Engineer in charge of engineering for the Madden Deep Unit, a 6 8 TCF ultra deep gas field in Casper, Wyoming. In 1978 Bill was promoted to Monsanto’s Rocky Mountain Division Engineer in Denver, Colorado managing a staff of six petroleum engineers. In 1980 he joined Henderson Petroleum Corporation, a NASDAQ publicly traded company, becoming its Vice President of Operations. Henderson Petroleum was Merrill Lynch’s first income and development fund. The company acquired and operated 200 wells in six states on behalf of the fund.

In 1985 Mr. Davis relocated to Southern Louisiana where he managed the field operations for several small independent oil and gas companies in the Lafayette area. Bill founded his own oil company (Vector Minerals Corporation) in 1993. Vector specialized in identifying by passed opportunities and re entering and completing previously abandoned wells; the company currently operates fourteen wells and owns non operating interests in one hundred others, primarily in Wyoming.

Bill joined Mendell Energy in the spring of 2014. His primary duty is to plan and supervise all of the field operations. He also supports Mendell’s “geology first” approach by providing project financial analysis, reservoir analysis, log and petrophysical evaluations and petroleum engineering calculations as those functions apply to each project. Although Mr. Davis has substantial experience in most of the domestic major oil producing areas, Gulf Coast, Mid Continent, Permian Basin and three foreign countries, his primary focus has been the Rocky Mountain area.

When not in the field, Bill is based in Mendell’s Uptown Denver office.

Mick Domenick, Senior Geologist

Mick-DomenickA broadly trained and experienced petroleum geologist with a career emphasis on domestic basin exploration, development geology and operations geology, Michael A. (Mick) Domenick’s specialties include structural geologic analysis and geo-steering operations used to optimize resource plays. His experience extends across many areas with primary emphasis on Rocky Mountain basins as well as the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast. He has focused on the DJ Basin for the past five years.

After joining Recovery Energy in early 2011, he has helped build a diverse asset base consisting of several exploration and exploitation opportunities in the DJ, including unconventional and “semi-conventional” play concepts. Mick earned a Master of Science in Geology in 1981 and a Bachelor of Science in Geology/Biology in 1979 from the University of Rochester in New York, and completed post-graduate studies in Hydrogeology at the Colorado School of Mines.